Welcome to Berlin -
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Explore Germany's exciting capital city. History comes alive in this city. See Hitler's Berlin, remnants of the Cold War and the modern city.

BERLIN guided tour

Old National Gallery

Full day tour with your guide.

Nobody can give more insight into life in Berlin than the locals. Upon arrival in Berlin be welcomed by a local guide who accompanies us for a city tour including all the exciting sights. The tour covers the important historical periods such as the time of the Empire, Third Reich and Cold War as well as the new reunified Berlin - the political capital of Germany again. See all the not too miss places and enjoy a typical lunch or some shopping time. Alternatively you can book a chauffeur-guide who will be with you all day starting from the port.
  • 12 h tour
  • modern car/van/bus with AC
  • guide in Berlin for 6 h
  • driverguide (optional)
  • Highlights of Berlin
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Gendarmen Market
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag
  • Museum Island
  • Berlin Wall
  • rates
    • car + guide max. 2 pax: 945 Euro
    • car (driverguide) max. 3 pax: 735 Euro
    • van + guide max. 6 pax: 1075 Euro
    • van (driverguide) max. 7 pax: 825 Euro
    • bus + guide max. 18 pax: 1585 Euro
    • bus + guide max. 49 pax: 1795 Euro

    Berlin Wall

    In 1961 the East German State closed the last "loop hole" in the Iron Curtain with the construction of the Berlin Wall. Until 1989 this barrier divided East from West in and around the city. Today a few remnants can be seen in the city, for example along the Topography of Terror open air exhibition.

    Brandenburg Gate

    The famous landmark of Berlin became most known through the Cold War time, when it marked the border between East and West. The Gate itself is much older and was built in 1790 as part of the town wall. It looks upon the beautiful Paris Square and is just steps away from the Reichstag building.

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    Built in the late 19th century, this was the seat of the German Parliament called Reichstag until a fire destroyed it in 1933. It was reclaimed and rebuilt to its original purpose in 1999 when Berlin became the capital of Germany again.Today it is one of the major tourist spots and guests can even visit the Dome and enjoy the view of the city.

    Potsdam Square

    In the 1920s this was one of the busiest squares in Europe with the first ever traffic light. Berliners came here for shopping, dining and entertainment. After the war this was so called no mans land close to the wall and therefore devastated. In the 1990s international investors turned it into a bustling center again and a highlight in architecture.

    Gendarmen Market

    One of the most beautiful squares of the historic Berlin is Gendarmenmarket. The two cathedrals were built for hugenot migrants. The central piece is the former play house, today a concert hall. A place to stroll and rest. Here you find Berlin's famous chocolatier Faßbender & Rausch and the famous Lutter & Wegner restaurant.

    Checkpoint Charlie

    This former border crossing for non-german and allied soldiers and diplomats at Friedrichstrasse is known the world over for the tank stand-off in 1961. Though not used to exchange spies it still remained a hot spot. The museum at Check Point Charlie deals with the many adventurous escpae attempts across the wall.

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